School on Signal Processing for Next Generation Satellite Communications 2016 (SPNGS 2016)


The school will consists of 6 tutorials and 3 keynotes. The confirmed speakers are:

  • Dr. Hector Fenech (Head of Future Satellite Systems Group, Eutelsat): High Throughput Satellites: A Theoretical Approach.
  • Mr. Christophe Nussli (Thales Alenia Space): Is there any room for satellite technologies in 5G?
  • Mr. Glynn Thomas  (Payload Product Manager and Senior Expert, Airbus Defence and Space): Flexible High Through Satellite Payloads.
  • Dr. Nele Noels (Researcher at University of Ghent): Detection and Channel estimation in Satellite Multiuser Communication.
  • Prof. Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira (Scientific Director of Centre Tecnològic de les Telecommunicacions de Catalunya): Interference Mitigation Techniques in Multibeam Satellite Systems.
  • Dr. Sandro Scalise (Head of Satellite Communication Department at DLR): Protocol design of satellite machine type communications.
  • Dr. Alberto Ginesi (Head of the Communication-TT&C Systems & Techniques Section of ESA): System Analysis and Architectures of Next Generation High Throughput Satellites.
  • Dr. Riccardo De Gaudenzi  (Head of the Radio Frequency Systems, Payload and Technology Division of ESA): Random access for satellite machine type communications.
  • Dr. Joel Grotz (Senior Manager, SES): The role and challenges of satellite systems in future communication networks.
  • Dr. Nader Alagha (Senior Manager, ESA):  The role of satellite in the emerging maritime VHF data exchange system.


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